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Welcome to the world of Pixed

We have been supporting small and medium-sized companies in their daily relationship with IT and the Web since 2009. We started by offering simple technical support services, but over the years we have expanded our offer to provide complete solutions for website creation, management and integrated web services. We are considered among the best in Bologna for the creation of websites in Joomla! and we constantly strive to improve and expand our skills to always offer the best services to our customers.
Evolution and innovation are in our DNA.

How can we help you?

Providing services across the board it is particularly complicated to make a list of everything we know how to do, it is much easier if you give us a call for a chat!

Need to make a website?

We know how to do it, it is our core business! We often use Joomla! but we also work with Wordpress, Prestashop and other dedicated CMSs.

Need to make an app?

We can do those too! For both Android and iOS

immagine di esempio - tecnologia mobile

Need a cloud management system?

We create sites that operate as SaaS, i.e. they can become management, directories, ecommerce, CRM... if desired also all together :-)

What if I want it all?

You only have to ask, integration is a fundamental part of our work. Work simpler to work better, even from mobile

From your idea to realisation

Good ideas often get stranded on the shores of '...but I don't know where to start'. Drop by, we'll buy you coffee and study how to turn your idea that will change the world into reality.