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Realising and Updating Web Sites

Websites & E-Commerce,
what we are best at.

For over ten years we have been creating websites and e-commerce in Bologna for all kinds of companies: from small artisans to national publishers. We are experts in Joomla! (from when it was still called Mambo!) and use it for most of our projects.

Corporate website creation

What is the best CMS on the market?
And why Joomla! :-)

Nowadays there are a thousand and one ways to create a website. They all have their pros and cons: from functionality, to cost, to ease of use. After trying them all (but really all!) for years we have decided that the 'right tool for the job' is Joomla!

Born in 2005 as a fork of Mambo, it has grown a lot in recent years and now allows you to create virtually any website using only the core. This means speed of execution, ease of management and no anxiety when upgrading.

Do you have an old site in Joomla and want to update it? Do you want to migrate from another CMS or do you simply want to start from scratch? Then we are the 'right men for the job' you are looking for!

Conosciamo benissimo il CMS Joomla!
12 years
of experience
Updated websites
Websites created from scratch
Layout sito Formazione Giuridica
Layout sito Render Serteco

Our works

We have worked with dozens of realities

We met, we liked each other, we took each other by the hand, and we realised our project!
Yes, because each site created is a joint project between Pixed and the customer: made up of indications, suggestions, tests, experiments and courageous choices. From design to the finish line.

Why Pixed?

OK, but what do we offer more than the others?

There are a thousand and one ways to make a site, so there are a thousand and two agencies that can do it. Why choose one over another? What really makes the difference?


No blackmail!

The website is yours! We do not use proprietary software, we do not use tricks to keep you tied to us. The whole website is made with opensource code and is your property. If in 50 years time we decide to part ways, you can do whatever you want with your site.


Competent, really.

Unfortunately, it is increasingly easy to come across charlatans or neophytes posing as 'experts'. We don't have the truth in our pockets either, but more than ten years of experience in the field have given us a total mastery of the Joomla! CMS and the process of developing a website.
We have also created a blog to help other developers progress in their knowledge of the CMS. You can read it here.


EASY TO USE websites

Your job is to sell your product or service and you rightly have neither the time nor the inclination to learn programming. Our websites are easy to use, and each project includes hours of training where we will explain to you step by step how to update and maintain your content.


We are always there, especially AFTER

Making a website is only the first step. A site must be promoted, indexed, filled and maintained. It is not an easy job, but we are here for you for that too! We assist you with both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance (targeted marketing, google ads, advertising, etc.).


We give you our mobile phone number

Often, seeking assistance on a website or software is a traumatic experience: tickets and counter-tickets, anonymous contact forms, support e-mails@ that who knows who reads them. We give you the mobile phone number. Is there a problem? Call, answer, solve.


We are a network of people

Knowing little about much is now useless. One must specialise in a subject and become a point of reference. We are trying to become one for Joomla and for website creation in Bologna. But if you need other services related to your online presence, we are part of a network of professionals who can help you solve your problem with speed and competence.

From your idea to realisation

Good ideas often get stranded on the shores of '...but I don't know where to start'. Drop by, we'll buy you coffee and study how to turn your idea that will change the world into reality.