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Remove unwanted text from Google Snippets

| Gianluca Gabella | Tips & Tricks
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Have you ever had Google generate the wrong snippet in its organic search results? Let's see how to block snippets we don't like!

As we know, Google snippets (those two lines of page description in the search engine's organic results) are often generated from the meta description we put on the page. But this is not always the case: in fact, sometimes Google prefers to take snippets of text from within the page, because for it they are more relevant to the end user.

The problem is that sometimes it takes snippets that are not really correct: sometimes they are phrases without context or sometimes they are relatively unimportant phrases compared to the actual content of the page.

This situation happened to me just a few days ago, here are the snippets that were popping up for my website:

The snippet generated for the homepage was not taken from the meta description, but was a piece of text even taken from the Google reviews I have on the homepage. Definitely flattering but way too self-referential :-)

How to block Google's automatic snippets?

To remove incorrect text from Google snippets, I simply used Google guidelines using the HTML data-nosnippet attribute!

esempi di no-snippet

This attribute should be put in the opening tag of the div (or section, or span) that we want to be ignored by Google's crawler when generating the snippet.

Obviously the change is not instantaneous, but within a few days Google will ignore the text you don't want to put in the snippet and insert another one (hopefully taken from the meta description!).

Here are my snippets a couple of days later:

snippet pixed due giorni dopo la modifica

The meta description I had selected was ingorinated in this new crawl as well, but no big deal, it can still fit me as a snippet for the homepage :-)

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