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How to disable a joomla plugin without accessing the control panel

| Gianluca Gabella | Joomla!
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In some cases, it is impossible to disable plugins (or any other extension) directly from the control panel: there are situations in which this does not open correctly and it is therefore impossible to navigate the internal menu.

We therefore have two ways to solve:

1) Acting via FTP

The first method is the simplest, because it only requires making a change via FTP. Basically, we navigate to the plugin folder (in our case /plugins/system/pluginname/) and rename the folder.

After renaming it, we simply refresh the page. If the problem was precisely due to that plugin, then everything should now work normally.

This solution is quick and painless, but it may not be enough. The method may not necessarily be right inside that folder, it may call up other plugins, or other components. The best solution remains to act directly in the database.

2) Acting via phpmyadmin on the MySql database

It is possible to disable a plugin (or any extension) directly from the database. To do this, we need a tool called phpmyadmin which allows us to make changes directly on the db. Warning: it can be dangerous, going to the wrong things can further damage your site, even irreparably. I recommend backups!

So open phpmyadmin and from the left-hand column click on the table #_extensions (where # is your database prefix).

We then search for the name of the extension that is generating the problem.

Once found, we click on the "edit" link:


We scroll until we find the 'enabled' field. It will probably be set to '1'. Let's change it by putting a 0 in the value:


Then click on "Run" at the bottom of the page.

If everything went as it should, you can now safely enter the Joomla control panel without any errors preventing you from doing so. Happy browsing!

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