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Joomla administrator control panel: blank page

| Gianluca Gabella | Joomla!
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More and more often I am seeing this error in older Joomla! sites: once logged into the administrator a white page appears, with no menu and no possibility to navigate. How can we solve this problem?

What kind of error is this?

Many dated websites created with Joomla! (this bug can affect various versions of major release 3) if they have not been updated for some time or have had a recent server migration present an annoying but very simple problem to solve: once logged into the administrator control panel, one is presented with a very simple white page, with no possibility of clicking anything and with the browser's development console showing no errors.

How can I solve it?

In most cases it is a malfunction of a plugin: the one in the joomla core that performs the PHP version check.

This feature, which is natively present in a Joomla! system, simply checks the PHP version in use and alerts the administrator if it is too old or about to become deprecated: very useful for keeping a site up-to-date and with a more performant and secure version.

Solving it is easy:

  1. Log in to the control panel and wait for the white page to appear

  2. Change the browser URL by adding /index.php?option=com_plugins&view=plugin
    For instance, if your administrator url is turn it into

  3. The page that appears is the standard joomla plugin management page. In the search box enter "PHP" and click enter

  4. You will come up with the offending plugin:

  5. Unpublish it by clicking on the green tick (it will turn into a red X)

If everything went well, you can now return to the control panel homepage (by clicking on the Joomla! logo in the top left-hand corner) and the homepage will load normally.

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