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Customised course
8 hours
2 to 5
120€ + IVA
(a persona in caso di corsi personalizzati o di gruppo, ad azienda per i corsi aziendali)

Basic CSS course

  • Tipologia: Customised course
  • Durata: 8 hours
  • Partecipanti: 2 to 5
  • Prezzo a persona: 120€ + IVA

Nowadays, making a website from scratch requires no programming skills: you can install a wordpress or joomla without writing a single line of code. Moreover, a huge choice of templates (free or paid) allow you to customise your website to the maximum.

But what if you want to change a single detail of the template? For instance the colour of a button?

Often there is no way to do this other than by adding customised CSS code.

What is this? Rules that allow you to change individual parts of your web pages without affecting the rest of the template. Sometimes a single line of code is enough to achieve the result you are looking for without wasting hours configuring complex and intricate builders and frameworks.

Programme in detail

  • What CSS is
  • How to include them in your CMS
  • Defining and using properties, values and selectors
  • Knowing the box model and learning how to manage it
  • Positioning elements
  • Basic responsive management

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