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Corporate course
8 hours
1-5 at company headquarters
480,00€ + IVA
(a persona in caso di corsi personalizzati o di gruppo, ad azienda per i corsi aziendali)

Time for optimisation!

  • Tipologia: Corporate course
  • Durata: 8 hours
  • Partecipanti: 1-5 at company headquarters
  • Prezzo a persona: 480,00€ + IVA

Having a beautiful website but one that does not bring customers and takes 10 seconds to load a page makes very little sense: firstly, because all the efforts made (in time and money!) to build it are likely to be in vain, and secondly, because it does not allow you to compete on equal terms with the rest of the world, despite your excellent product.

A slow site not only pushes users to leave (3 seconds is already too long!) but also leads to indexing malus by Google, which has always favoured responsive and fast sites that allow the user to take advantage of the content without nerve-racking waits: it is pointless to put up beautiful images and excellent descriptive text if no one will ever consult them.

This customised course aims to study in detail what the site looks like and to define areas of intervention to speed it up at a structural and content level.

Program in detail

  • Study of the current website
  • Content study
  • Identification of problems
  • Creation of a roadmap of interventions
  • Implementation of interventions up to the end of the hours
  • Final tests

Course modalities

Before proceeding to the actual course we will need a list (even an indicative one) of the work to be done: we will organise the course to arrive at the result as efficiently as possible. The course can be held either at Pixed's premises or at the company's premises. The cost refers to companies based in the province of Bologna.

Are you interested in this course?

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Contact is in no way binding: it will only serve to clear up any doubts and to organise the most convenient times and procedures for everyone.

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