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Customised course
8 hours
320,00€ + IVA
(a persona in caso di corsi personalizzati o di gruppo, ad azienda per i corsi aziendali)

Become a Yootheme PRO expert!

  • Tipologia: Customised course
  • Durata: 8 hours
  • Partecipanti: 1
  • Prezzo a persona: 320,00€ + IVA

YoothemePRO is among the best existing builders (and frameworks) for the Joomla CMS: the potential of its dynamic content is endless. Learn how to make the most of all its features to create any type of website using only the Joomla template and core.

Programme in detail

  • Introduction to YoothemePRO and the template concept
  • Study of the builder
  • Study of the builder add-ons
  • Template management
  • Using dynamic content
  • Creating and managing a child theme
  • Overview of framework plugins
  • Optimal management of the mobile version through viewports and CSS

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