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Customised course
8 hours
320,00€ + IVA
(a persona in caso di corsi personalizzati o di gruppo, ad azienda per i corsi aziendali)

Creating and managing an e-commerce with Joomla!

  • Tipologia: Customised course
  • Durata: 8 hours
  • Partecipanti: 1
  • Prezzo a persona: 320,00€ + IVA

You already have a Joomla site for your business and have decided to take the plunge: implement an e-commerce! Good choice!
In this customised 8-hour course we will look at the best ways to sell online through your site, focusing on your product and sales channels. We will also look at all the possibilities offered by Joomla and find the sales component best suited to your needs.

Programme in detail

  • Introduction to online sales: legal and technical requirements
  • Study of the product to be sold
  • Overview of possibilities: using an external SaaS service or an internal component?
  • Implementation of a first basic e-commerce
  • Study of configurations
  • Implementation of an online payment system (PayPal and/or Stripe)
  • System testing
  • Overview of online marketing systems to optimise sales


Before proceeding to the actual course, we will need a list (also indicative) of the work to be done: we will organise the course to arrive at the result as efficiently as possible. The course can be done either online or in person (in this case you will need to arrive at the classroom with a computer capable of connecting to the wireless network)

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