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Group Course
8 hours
2 to 5
120,00€ + IVA
(a persona in caso di corsi personalizzati o di gruppo, ad azienda per i corsi aziendali)

Joomla Basic Course - Get to know the CMS

  • Tipologia: Group Course
  • Durata: 8 hours
  • Partecipanti: 2 to 5
  • Prezzo a persona: 120,00€ + IVA

This 8-hour course (4 in the morning, 4 in the afternoon) is a real guided tour to discover the world of Joomla: we will introduce the concept of CMS, the basic structure (files, database, etc.) and proceed with the actual creation of a website. The installation will be done on a local server provided by Pixed and, at the end of the day, it will be possible to take home a backup copy of the site created.

Programme in detail

  • What is a CMS
  • Why Joomla?
  • Tools needed to install and manage a website
  • Installation of Joomla
  • Template customisation
  • Managing articles/categories
  • Menu management
  • Content insertion
  • Overview of most used components and plugins

Target audience

Anyone with a minimum of familiarity with computers and basic programming systems (HTML, CSS). It is not necessary to know how to programme in PHP or HTML, but it is convenient for making some customisations. The ideal recipient is anyone who follows the IT department of a company and who has to physically build the site. The course is however intended for joomla newbies as there are no particularly advanced or complicated topics.

What you need to bring

It is necessary to arrive in the classroom with:

  • Laptop (any operating system) that can be connected to a wireless network (given the duration of the course it is advisable to bring a charger)
  • Inside the laptop you must have installed a programme for file transfer via FTP, such as:
    • For Windows: FileZilla
    • For MAC: CyberDuck or similar
  • We'll provide water, coffee and breakfast ;-)

Are you interested in this course?

Contact us now by filling in the form on the side or by sending an email to

Contact is in no way binding: it will only serve to clear up any doubts and to organise the most convenient times and procedures for everyone.

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